Halloween is right around the corner and be sure to celebrate early by watching these top 5 classics! Don't hold your breath expecting to see one of these top 5 horror classics on SyFy channel.

These are my top 5 faves to see during this month of October to get into the Halloween spirit. Hopefully you have heard and seen a few of these top 5 horror classics. The five movies I chose have a few things in common. These flicks I picked have a funny, gruesome and scary plot. If you're planning on hosting a horror movie night for family or friends these would be a hit!

I hope you enjoy the top 5 horror classic films I picked as my top favorites.

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    The Burbs

    This movie is so hilarious that has a plot twist ending! All the characters in this flick have you laughing so hard your cheeks will hurt.

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    The Swamp Thing

    I remember when I was a little girl watching this and feeling bad for swamp thing. This was the only movie that left me afraid of plants coming to life.

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    An American Werewolf In Paris

    This horror flick gave you the giggles as well as the jumps. This movie definitely had a lot of bloody scenes that some of you enjoy. But this cast makes bad look so so good!

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    Elvira Mistress Of The Dark

    Elvira was famous for her witchy ways and her cleavage. This movie was busted out by the men who enjoyed seeing Elvira's cleavage. Parts that were meant to be scary were actually funny to see. Like her casserole that came to life trying to attack her.

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    This funny horror flick is what made that white mask with a black suit popular. This movie had so many scenes that had me screaming in certain parts. Besides seeing guts gutted out of a human body it also portrays some humor.