If you're one of the many people who hate using condoms, then this is something that's for you! There are a lot of people who dislike using condoms and prefer the pull out method and this new invention is just for that.

Buzzfeed News gives you more insight on this sticker that is the new condom method. This alternative to a condom is a sticker that is placed right over the external urethral meatus. This new protection is what helps keep the pre-cum and the after math ejaculation from entering the woman. So how this sucker works is you have to clean the tip, then align the shield and bond it to the skin. A lot of doctors have pointed out that this new invention is a bad idea which I agree as well. The stickers don't prevent you from passing on a sexually transmitted disease which is why condoms are better.

So if you prefer to feel good during sex instead of protecting yourself then try the "Jiftip" out.

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