Have you ever wondered what The Walking Dead's intro would sound like with an 80's style theme? Well, wonder no more!

The Wil Wheaton Project newsy Syfy talk show just made it happen for 'ya!  They redid the The Walking Dead intro as though it were an 80's sitcom complete with smiling faces, loads of blood, zombies and adventurous memories.

Now don't get confused ... the theme does not intend to make the show all happy cheery, it just sets a happier tone to all the death. The song starts all sweet about life being a walk in the park, but then takes a turn to shooting your mother in the face and the clips gathered throughout the theme song are priceless!

Wil Wheaton even gets a little help with the intro from special guest Chris Hardwick, who we know from The Talking Dead.

For those of you that are wanting more information on the upcoming season, check it out here.