Got to admit, I had fun with this one! With apologies to the Barenaked Ladies and with a nod to Buzzy for the lyrics, here's what the BAMS would do if they had won the Powerball Lottery.

Point is, almost everyone did some three-dollar-day-dreaming these last few days! I know I did.

What would I do with $1.5 Bil? Let's just say a certain donut company with the initials "Krispy Kreme" would suddenly be dealing with a hostile takeover. (And the words of Wilford Brimley would be ringing in my ears!)

I might even consider a wardrobe NOT made up of team logos. That would be a considerable step for me, but I think I could pull it off. Of course, if I had my own sports franchise...

The big question everybody asks each other is: would you come back to work?

I have a very simple question to answer that question.

Are you kidding?!

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