Mascots are an important part of sports, especially at the high school and college levels. Here are some rather odd ones from around Texas.

Get ready to giggle at some really weird mascots from all over the lone star state. Seriously, there are some good ones out there...

Mascots tend to be somewhat fierce, with schools using cool animals like Eagles ... Eagles are the most common mascot in Texas by the way ... Falcons and Tigers for example. Or, they get tough "character" mascots like Matadors, Knights, Pirates, etc.

Even home schooled Texas athletes get cool names like the CTSA Outlaws. Not all Texas mascots instill fear in their opponents though. Take these for example:

Last one. Cuero Gobblers ... seriously, I'm not kidding.

They're mean, green and, (being that they're turkeys), I assume, LEAN.

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Around here, I think we'd probably go with CuerVo Guzzlers. THAT'S a team I would gladly show up to practice every day for

If you don't believe all of these ... which, honestly, I kind of wasn't buying them either at first ... feel free to check out photos here.

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