I have! It started about two weeks ago and there are some very strange aspects to it.

1.) If I pick up it's a recording in Spanish. It sounds like a guy trying to sell something and he wants you to call back. I think. My Spanish tends more to the inappropriate.

2.) The number has my area code AND the first 3 digits of my phone number. I talked to my ex-mother-in-law and she said the SAME THING. She gets the same call from a number with the same first 6 digits as her phone. Weird.

3.) I blocked the number...and then started getting the same calls from another number ALSO one with the first 6 digits of my phone number. Curiouser and curiouser.

4.) My ex-mom-in-law said she tried calling the number pack and the guy who answered seemed to be genuinely mystified as to why his number would have come up.  He claimed to have no knowledge of his phone placing a call to hers. Doris (that's her name) thinks that somehow they are hijacking unsuspecting peoples numbers and that's what show up on our caller ID.

Any ideas? We're not the only ones because I've already had e-mails and tweets saying the same thing is happening to other people. Aren't there laws against telemarketing to cell-phones? Could it be because we're (in El Paso) so close to the border and we're getting telemarketers from there? Also, exactly what kind of sales pitch is this?? Does anybody respond to repeated, unsolicited calls from an unknown source? If anything, that sounds like a good way to insure that no one ever buys your product or service.

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