Only in California .... ok, well probably here in El Paso as well.

A California medical marijuana outlet recently had a canned food drive.  Nothing all that noteworthy really, lots of places do lots of food drives. Especially around this time of year.  These guys came up with twist though, every 4 cans of food got you a joint!  (Limit 3 per day .. in the interest of good health I guess)

Will smoke for food

Did it work?

Yes ...

To the tune of 11,000 pounds of food!!  11k of food exchanged for 2,000 joints!  This place has 8 employees but raised the same amount of food as one with 30 - 40 employees.

Wow ... Who do I talk to about organizing a KLAQ food drive??  Staff, friends and local bands alone should be able to hit that mark.  I think I'll call it "pounds for pounds"!!    :)

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