You know those signs you see on everyday products that make you think, "Oh my God, someone actually did this to force them to place that warning on here!"  You never thought people could be THAT stupid, or disgusting, right?

Like the dog's medicine bottle that warns that, "it's dangerous to operate heavy machinery while taking this medication".  I will make sure Fido gives me his backhoe keys before taking his meds, thanks for the warning.

Maybe you like the warning on the bag of peanuts that they are "Not suitable for nut and sesame allergy sufferers due to the methods used in the manufacture of this product."  How dare that God person make peanuts out of ACTUAL peanuts!  I'm calling my lawyer.

You know some a*****e sued the company for selling peanuts without a warning for people allergic to them.  As if the warning would be the only thing keeping people allergic to peanuts from eating peanuts.  Here's your stupid card, Mr. Darwin has your bus ticket to the cemetery, thanks for playing.

To (finally) get to my point...before my show tonight, I went to restroom and saw this sign on the door.  And yes, someone in the building had inspired this sign.  Sometimes I really hate my life.

Toilet Art

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