I made a large mask purchase on Etsy. I decided the bandana style tube, also known as a “neck gaiter” was my favorite of all the masks I tried. They’re comfortable, stylish and (I thought) they really cover all the infectious holes on the human face. They’re also cheap, washable and reusable. My 40 masks arrived in the mail.

THE VERY NEXT DAY…this was the headline I read:

I’ll get to that. Also, I’ll model some of my 40 crappy, useless neck gaiter masks.

The researchers said that the N-95 medical masks are the best. Those are the ones doctors and nurses use so, sure, that makes sense. Next come the disposable surgical masks. Those were found to be almost as good as the N95s. Then there were a few other kinds that weren’t quite as good.

Then, at the very bottom…my neck gaiters. According to the research, they’re too thin and don’t do much to keep droplets from getting out into the air. In fact, they make the droplets WORSE. The study found that, though the material doesn’t block droplets is DOES manage to break the droplets up into SMALLER droplets. The smaller the droplet, the longer they can hang around in the air.

So, essentially, I just bought 40 masks that actually weaponized Covid-19 even more. On the bright side, they’re much easier to accessorize with than a plain old mask. You can see for yourself in my gallery of beautiful but deadly neck gaiters.

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