The bad thing about change is it can sometimes leave you feeling clueless. Some feel clueless when they're used to a certain route that eventually changed. I-10 East at Mesa, Resler, and Sunland Park exits have had a major makeover. If you rarely drive East from Redd then you may see where I am going with this. It's been THAT long that I have driven on I-10 East, I didn't know the exit for Sunland Park changed. By changed, it seems like you have to plan your exit sooner than the way it originally used to be. It has been so long, I missed the Sunland Park Exit because I am used to it being further down. After driving on I-10 East at Redd Road it had me feeling like I was learning the roads all over again. The alternate routes being built will also help in the long run but hopefully won't take long to adapt to!

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