Three dancers from Hunks, The Show stopped by the Morning Show on Wednesday and gave us a taste of what the ladies (and gents) who attend their show at The Red Parrot Wednesday night can expect.

Armando, Chandler and Vander told us about their experiences dancing in all 50 states, as well as performances in Mexico. The trio is part of a group of five traveling hunks who will be performing in El Paso on Wednesday. Vander said their show is a mix of stage and table dancing, and that the brave ladies will be invited to the stage to experience their skills first-hand.

The hunks then showed us some of their moves, even inspiring Buzz to whip off his shirt and get in on the action. Armando, who was born and raised in Juarez, surprised me with some of his Magic-Mike-like moves — an experience I can best describe as being jack-hammered that left me slightly terrified and sore. Check it out:

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