This was the gist of a Facebook message I received from a fellow named Ernie.

“Buzz, we need a public service announcement on which El Paso strip clubs are gonna be back open. This is important information. These girls need your help in spreading the world. Come on, Buzz, you are our Walter Cronkite. The borderland needs you”.


When a valued listener asks for my help, you can bet I take it serious! Also, I AM concerned about the employees of these places. Many of them are single mothers and, from what I’ve been told, ALL of them are also “college students”.

I’m putting these clubs into one of three categories. Either “Definitely Open”, “Looks Like Yes” and “Looks Like No”. If I’m wrong on any of these or if I left any out, please notify me by e-mailing and I’ll make the correction.


Red Parrot
IS open 5 days a week! They’re closed on Sunday and Monday and open 6pm to 2 am Tuesday thru Saturday

Located at 1377 Gateway Blvd. West IS OPEN! They’re closed Mondays and Tuesdays and open every other day from 9pm to 5 am.

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Dreams Cabaret
Located at 13299 Gateway Blvd. West SEEMS to be open. It looks like their website might be inactive but their Insta and Facebook both have check-ins from customers as recently as February 2021. So, I’m filing this one under “seems like they’re open”.

Montana Hideaway
Their web presence is almost nil BUT their Facebook page was updated on December 2, 2020 to say, “Yes, we are still open just currently complying with state laws due to Covid”. That was the most recent thing I could find.

The Outskirts Gentlemen’s Club 
have updated their Facebook page recently. A February 8th post says their new business hours are 4 pm to 2 am 6 days a week. They didn’t specify which 6 days, though.


Xcape Men’s Club 
Looks to be closed. Their website didn’t come up in a Google search and their most recent Facebook post was from May 29, 2020 in which they announced they will be closed “until further notice due to the Covid-19 pandemic”.

At 1111 Saddle Bronc Drive by all indications seems to be closed. A Google search turned up naught but broken links and it looks like their social media pages haven’t been updated in this decade.

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