The small, sleepy town of Round Top, Texas has a huge antique show that happens twice a year. This year, a woman is bringing in a new attraction to hopefully entice the tourists. 

Easter weekend in the Warrenton community in Texas, there is the Round Top Antiques Fair, an event that brings over 100,000 people to a town of only 90 people. This is one of the biggest moneymakers for the community, and one woman is trying to bring a different kind of entertainment to the fair. Stephanie Welch is bringing what she's calling American Cowboy Las Vegas Revue, a performance by the Chippendales dancers during the evening for women at the antiques show.

Some people in the community are upset and don't think the antiques show is an appropriate place for male strippers. The community is also predominately conservative Republican and Christians. The County Judge also came forward saying he finds the event very distasteful, but, according to Welch, the strippers will not be fully nude, and the performance is 21 and over.

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