The 2014 Winter Olympic games will begin on February 7th, in Sochi, Russia. In an attempt to get Russian officials to address the abuse happening to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people and activists, Human Rights Watch has released this video. I do warn you, this video is incredibly violent but powerful.

Human Rights Watch, "an independent organization dedicated to defending and protecting human rights" have been researching the abuse towards the LGBT community in Russia. Since late 2012, the violence has increased according to victims that have spoke with Human Rights Watch. A homophobic campaign has even been created in Russian media, where celebrities, journalists and even government officials are publicly bashing the LGBT community.

Russian officials are continuing to deny the discrimination that is occurring, especially to the International Olympic Committee. As we quickly approach opening day for the Winter Olympics, Human Rights Watch hopes this video will bring the much need attention to the abuse happening all around Russia.


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