Someone in the Olympics used a condom on their kayak. Yup, say that however you want, it's funny.

Australian canoeist Jessica Fox shared a video on TikTok that showed her using a condom to fix her kayak.

Fox isn't only great at fixing her kayak, she's also great at using it to win medals. Fox has won gold in the women’s C1 canoe slalom and bronze in the canoe slalom K1 final.

There have always been rumors about condoms and the active sex lives of the Olympic athletes. I mean, come one. You have thousands of 20 something year old athletes in their prime who have probably spent almost every waking minute of the past 4 years preparing for this moment. Once that moment is over, chances are they're going to look to cut loose. Chances are that's going to lead to some nookie.

Could you imagine if they didn't use condoms though? What if it was just a wild orgy with no protection. Think about that! Nine months later we would have the most elite of the elite athletes ever born. If this were to happen in these Olympics, we would have the greatest Olympics ever coming up in 2040.

Of course, this couldn't happen in this Olympics because COVID has essentially shut down the Olympic Village that is normally there. It's being reported that the athletes and pretty much everyone else involved just shows up to the events and then goes right back to their hotel.


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