St. Patrick's Day 2021 was a pretty crazy day in El Paso. Just CLICK HERE to see the majority of the craziness that happened.

Another crazy story that popped up yesterday had to do with human remains being found out at the construction site of the new Amazon distribution center. The site is on 115 acres near Eastlake between Rojas and I-10. The only information we've received at this point are that the El Paso County Sheriff's Office has confirmed human remains were found. Investigators from the Sheriff's Office Major Crimes Unit were on site along with the El Paso County Medical Examiner.

This story is starting off a lot like a famous unsolved mystery here in El Paso. The murder of Stephen Michael Hicks. CLICK HERE for more details on this story.

There are also countless stories like this that pop up in episodes of Dateline20/20, or anything on HLN. It could be an accident, but chances are if the story made it on one of these shows, it was murder. Here is one of those stories that played out in an episode of Dateline. The murder of David Jackson. The short details on this story?

  • Jackson thought he was meeting up with his ex-wife at a motel.
  • Jackson's ex-wife tazed him, with her dad and current husband waiting in the other room.
  • Jackson was shot in the head and killed.
  • The three took his body to a chicken farm and buried him there.
  • That chicken farm ended up closing and a Wal-Mart was put up in that location.
  • Jackson's remains were eventually found during construction.

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