St. Patrick's Day is generally amateur night when it comes to drinking. But throw in the fact that it was one year ago when everything in the country shut down, it's been a while since people have really been out on the town. Of course, I assumed that a lot of the those amateurs could have turned pro at this point with all the stories we read about people drinking more during the lockdown. Apparently St. Patrick's Day 2021 was the time for people to throw caution to the wind and lose all common sense whatsoever. The El Paso Police Department had their hands full yesterday.

First, just take a look at KVIA's twitter page and how active it was:


Yeah, that's a lot all for one day. I guess this is what happens when people are cooped up for an entire year and they finally go break loose. Oh, by the way, COVID isn't done yet! I know the vaccines are rolling out and things are starting to open up and Texas Governor Greg Abbott opened everything up, but COVID don't care folks.

Anyway, back to the insanity that took over El Paso yesterday. The El Paso Police Department finally had to send out a tweet to tell the city to calm down. So what did they do? They put us in timeout. Sort of.

Congratulations El Paso. You proved why we don't get nice things. We can't be trusted to take care of ourselves, to the police department had to send us to our room.

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