There's a set of gigantic stairs made out of rocks on the Westside that I have always been curious about since I was younger. When I was younger I remember my dad making up tales about King Kong living where the flashing red lights are. Those flashing red lights he was talking about are located on the Westside of town. In fact, they're near the gigantic stairs made of rocks piled together while being held by metal wires. I was told those huge rock stairs were the front steps to King Kong's house. When my family would drive by those huge rock stairs I always thought they were like real stairs. When I finally ended my curiosity and ventured out I wasn't alone. I also took my son who had also been curious about the stairs.

It was 2016 when we drove out to the Westside of town to finally see the stairs for ourselves. When arrived at the rock stairs we realized the climb wasn't going to be easy. All my years and for many years I always assumed the rock stairs were easy to step on. Apparently, when we were right beside them, steps won't get you to the top. In fact, you have to use your arms and legs to climb up each step to the top. My height measures up to be 5'3 and those huge rock stairs are almost as tall as me. If you plan on attempting to climb these rock stairs be sure you wear pants instead of shorts. Let me know if you have ever attempted to also climb these huge rock stairs in the poll below.

Veronica Gonzalez
Veronica Gonzalez

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