Hiking has become really popular when the pandemic started last year. It is the best way to get a workout that is more pleasing than annoying. Hiking is a bit tough but totally worth the view you have of your city.

A lot of El Pasoans enjoy hiking the Franklin Mountains and have so many trails to choose from. There are even hikers who go on their hike and leave their mark with art. One time a local artist hiked all the way up Sugarloaf Mountain to paint a mural on the abandoned shed. You can see the little shack has been painted after viewing the video below from Soul Dagger.

There is also another piece of art you may spot when you're on the Lost Dog Trail. If you have been on that trail then you must have come across a smiley face formed by rocks. If you have been hiking way before the pandemic started then you know the rocky smiley face has existed for 14 years.

The smiley face was created by Jaime Navarro and his friend which means something special. I reached out to Jaime Navarro asking him about his smiley face of rocks. He told me he and his friend started the smiley face on their first visit. Sadly, that friend passed and Jaime Navarro kept up with keeping that smile around. Unfortunately, other hikers that have taken that trail destroyed the smiley face. Jaime Navarro has visited often and had to re-create it on Lost Dog Trail.

Jaime Navarro shared his concern on the Hiking El Paso Facebook page last month. He shared a picture of the smiley face asking the public to please leave the smiley face alone. So the next time you're on the Lost Dog Trail, please leave the smiley face alone.

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