If you want to scare folks in the Borderland, you have to think a little outside the box. Here are a few ways to make a more "El Paso-ish" haunted house.

Instead of the usual props and gimmicks, try these things:

  • For the sound effects, forget screams and wolf howls ... use "last call" announcements and trolley car noises.
  • Allow no churros, nachos or beer.
  • Instead of spooky characters, have city council members explaining why we need an arena.
  • Set up one of those carnival rides but, instead of going past scary scenes, have it headed for the line at the international bridge. (Keep 'em there at least an hour for maximum effect.)
  • Skip the tombstones and monsters, use orange barrels and TxDot workers!

The scariest house ... make that houses, plural ... would be the KLAQ Haunted Houses Of Terror.  For just $20, you can visit 5 different houses: The Trail Of The Undead, The Church Of Damnation, Psycho Circus, The Jig Saw’s House Of Torment and the Texas Slaughter House. 

Designers from Hollywood and Universal Studios helped build it this year and its amazing.  It's located at Desert Warrior Paintball, 13900 Montana. For more info, click here.

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