If you're a fan of the Buzz Adams Morning Show YouTube Livestream, then you've probably been wondering why the show has been dark lately.

Well, it's all The Beatles' fault. Okay, technically, it's OUR fault, but The Beatles started it.


The Livestream will be down for the next 90 days on YouTube because we're pretty sure** someone on behalf of the Beatles filed a copyright strike against us. What does that mean? Well, we don't have the rights to put copyrighted material in our YouTube videos. Actually, almost no one does. What happened was this: on June 1, Buzz played some Beatles clips while talking about the Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Band re-release (which I would normally give you a link to, but 'F' that, son). And since it was part of the show, it was also part of the YouTube livestream.

And somehow, they tracked it down and busted us, reporting us to YouTube, who punished us without even giving us a chance to explain or to cut it out. In fact, The Beatles' organization is one of the most litigious, hard-nosed groups out there regarding this kind of stuff. There's money to be made in targeting YouTube channels for this, and they get positively horny for it. There are some artists who make more of a living slapping around YouTube channels than they do playing their own music these days.

But yes, we were technically in the wrong, and as a punishment, YouTube shut down our livestream for three months. We're really sorry about that. It was a dumb mistake.


Mullet Kintyre
Paul in 1973, imagining how good it will feel to screw us over in 35 years. (Getty Images)

Don't get me wrong -- it's total BS that we're getting beat up for PROMOTING people's records. (You're welcome for NOTHING, Paul.) The copyright laws regarding YouTube are so insanely dumb, they don't even allow for you to make exceptions. They don't really give video creators an opportunity to appeal these kinds of decisions without opening themselves up for lawsuits. (We'd actually be more at a risk of getting sued if we appealed than if we just wait out the 90 days!)

But, on Oct. 16, we'll be back. We'll try to make it worth your while on that day with something super visual. Maybe strippers? Maybe porn stars? Maybe plastic surgery for Nico?


You can still HEAR the show (remember this thing called radio?) every day by streaming the show's audio live. You can also catch us on the free radioPup mobile app by dialing this station up. You can also subscribe to our iTunes podcast, which is also free. It's an all-killer, no-filler version of the show. We'll also be posting highlights of the show on our YouTube channel -- they just won't be streaming live as they happen.


There's only one downside for when the YouTube livestream comes back, though. We won't be able to archive the show like we used to. In other words, if you don't catch the stream daily as it happens, you won't be able to watch it later. That's the thing that sucks the most, and we're really sorry for that. We're going to make sure you still get to see and hear the best of the show each day, though, even if it's only in clips.

And maybe one day, when people stop being greedy choads all the time (thanks for stopping us from making that whole 0.75 cents on that video, Beatles), we'll be able to go back to the way it was. I mean, PROBABLY NOT, but everyone needs a beautiful dream to hold onto, right?

Until then, remember what The Beatles themselves always said: All You Need is Lawyers.

** -- We're pretty sure it's them because A) they're already in overdrive on this kind of thing, and B) they're the only thing we played that day that that someone would come after us for.

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