There are many buildings around El Paso named after people. You'll probably recognize the names but do you know who they were and why they're honored this way?

Schools are big on using famous names. With all the different school functions and athletic events that happen, most everyone in town is familiar with those names. Whether they're parents or not.

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If you know the names but not the history behind these people, keep reading.

Here are a few of the stories, starting with some schools:

These 3 high schools are all in the Northeast and have developed quite a rivalry over the years.

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On to college now.

UTEP is not named after an individual but many structures on its campus are.


  • Don Haskins Center - Don Haskins was the UTEP Miners Basketball coach from 1961 - 199. In addition to a ton of championship wins, he also broke the NCAA color barrier in 1966 by starting an all black lineup. (This inspired "Glory Road".)
  • Magoffin Theater - Joseph Magoffin was a wealthy El Paso "pioneer" and businessman who held many public offices. He was also quite a "cheerleader" for the burgeoning town of El Paso as well as Juarez. His home is open to the public.
  • Fox Fine Arts Center - Josephine Marsalis Clardy Fox was a real estate investor and philanthropist. Despite a life filled with financial and physical setbacks, she sponsored many charities and, upon her death, willed $3 million dollars to UTEP.
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Enough of school, let's wander around Downtown.

No, on to malls:

Bassett Place - El Paso's first open air mall was named for Charles Bassett. Bassett was a former El Paso Chamber of Commerce president and chairman of the board for the State National Bank. (Son of O.T. Bassett.)

Fountains at Farah - "The Fountains", as most El Pasoans say, is a shopping center built where the Farah Clothing Manufacturing once stood. Named after Mansour Farah.

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