This social media thing is taking over our lives. It used to be bad enough when people would shoot a million pictures on their vacation and then hurry to get them developed so they could look through them, but now they're all digital and online within seconds of anything happening! You Tweet the link to your Facebook status which has a photo from your Instagram account on it, then pin it on your Pinterest page, hoping someone will Stumbleupon it or stick it on Tumblr!

I've seen accounts set up for babies before they're even born, pets, stuffed animals and fake accounts for the President.


Twitter has been growing on me more and more recently. There seem to be a lot more funny posts up there, and it's fun to jump on and get a laugh at some of the stupid crap. More people are posting stuff on Instagram, and it's cool to just flip through a bunch of pictures. Facebook takes up more time, since you have to go through a bunch of stuff, follow things to look at them more closely, and manage pages and stuff.


How obsessed with your social media are you? Do you have Facebook, MySpace, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr accounts that you update regularly? Okay, maybe not MySpace, but people seems to jump from page to page to page to make sure everything has been updated, just in case they miss someone.

You can see people checking their Facebook status at intersections while waiting on the light to change! It's becoming less about texting while driving than it is Facebooking while driving. Is Facebooking an actual verb now?


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