Last week's busty babe battle was a good one, however as always there can only be one winner. Drum roll please, the winner WAS Nataly. As always she will be receiving her KLAQ hottie t-shirt and her haunted house tickets.

This week we have two tomboys battling it out for hottie of the week. The winner will receive a KLAQ Hottie Battle t-shirt. Let the games begin.

This is Amy:

Just another psycho!!I grew up a tomboy, got a bitchin' 4-wheeler at age 15 because I couldnt stand dresses and all the chaos of a quincenera. i have a scar on my bottom lip from stitches i got playing footbal with the guys. I have many hobbies that include drawing, painting, knife collecting, face painting, working with liquid latex to create zombie make-up effects, shooting. That bad boy in my hand is a zombie edition shot gun ;D Favorite band is Megadeth. I love going to shows and not afraid of jumping into a moshpit.



This is Jennifer:

I am currently working on my bachelors degree in Nursing. I love to sing. I was a dancer for a semi-pro football team.I love working out! I am planning on competing for bikini class next year.




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