As a rock station, we really don't like this song. But a video with beautiful women in tiny outfits pouring milk on themselves. We'll put the video on mute.

Fergie's new song is not a favorite of the music critics. And by music critics we mean Buzz, Fernie on the other hand probably loves this song. The lyrics as well as the song are terrible, and it is definitely one of those teeny bopper songs that gets ear wormed into your head until you wonder if being able to hear is really that necessary.

The video for this song, howver, is a masterpiece.

Just put some gorgeous celeb moms in skimpy outfits, and have them "dance." In Kim Kardashians case slowly move and pray its on beat. She certainly makes up for her lack of rhythm by being beautiful. She also got a lot of grief from fans thinking her waist was photoshopped for the video. I'll admit it does look incredibly tiny but she is probably wearing a corset in the video. I own a corset and I only put it on when I need a tiny waist, or want to not eat an entire meal. Really smart to wear a corset to any buffet in Vegas, you won't be able to gorge yourself on all you can eat sushi.

Check out the amazing video or yourself. Just make sure you put it on mute.

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