Well, it happened again; El Paso made a very unflattering list. In the past, El Paso has topped the list of least literate citydrunkest citysweatiest, fattest city, oh, and we also have the ugliest men.

This time, El Paso ranked as the "Ugliest City" in Texas, this according to the travel website Travel A Lot. Really, Travel A Lot, in all of Texas El Paso is the ugliest?!


Travel A Lot blames the El Paso ugliness on all the brown you see- in the city's aesthetic, not the people (at least I hope!)

The city is definitely not the most beautiful place we've ever seen, with its main problem being way too many browns and other neutral earth tones. You're already building a city in Texas--it's already earthy enough without throwing in a ton of brown brick buildings into the mix!

Okay, so we don't have a lot of green- we're a desert city! Also, you need to see the picture they used for El Paso- I'm pretty sure that's not even EP.

This isn't the first time El Paso is named the ugliest city- Buzzfeed once also named El Paso in their listicle entitled "18 of the Ugliest Cities in America"- in that one, El Paso ranked 12th on the list.

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While it was pretty gutting to be on the list, many came to the defense of El Paso. Buzz even wrote an article in response and gave a little bit of insight as to why El Paso usually gets unfairly labeled ugly.

I've lived in El Paso my whole life and have never considered it ugly; granted, I've never been to other places in Texas, but surely there has to be a much more unflattering place than El Paso! Here are twelve reasons (I'm sure there's more!) why El Paso shouldn't unfairly be labeled the ugliest city in Texas!

12 Reasons El Paso Isn't the Ugliest City in Texas

El Paso was unfairly labeled the "ugliest city in Texas" so here are 12 reasons that is just untrue. Do you agree with any of these?

Do you agree with my list? Let us know in the App Chat if you think El Paso is the ugliest city in Texas- or if you think they aren't!

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