My favorite part about the holiday season is seeing how people find ways to give back to those in need in our community. During the holiday season I truly do see the phrase “El Paso Strong” come to life.

El Paso couple Wendy and Miguel Gamillo and doing just that this Thanksgiving. They are hoping to bless three local families in need this Thanksgiving and it’s all thanks to their non-profit organization, Plant A Seed.

The organization was created based on Wendy's past work experience and her vision to help families in need.

“I used to be a case worker for child protective services and I was in a family based unit that kept families together,” said Wendy. “That was our whole purpose was to keep kids in the home provide resources for the family that would strengthen them.”

After Wendy and Miguel began growing their family, Wendy would leave her full-time job but she still wanted to be find a way to continue giving back to the community, and through their non-profit, they created an initiative that would do just that.

Courtesy: Wendy Gamillo
Courtesy: Wendy Gamillo

"Grow a Blessing" is a way for the Gamillo family to bless three local families in need this Thanksgiving.

“We are asking the community to nominate someone, whether it's a family member, a co-worker just someone that they know is in need is having a difficult time this Thanksgiving,” said Wendy.

Whether a family is in need of a doctors visit or needs a new heater for the winter, “Grow a Blessing" will provide whatever the family is in need of.

"Part of those resources that we want to offer to the community are things that are not readily available to the common El Pasoan,” said Miguel.

Nominations will be accepted until Monday, November 21st and those selected will be notified before Thanksgiving.

If you would like to nominate someone, you can do so by Clicking Here.

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