Finally BBQ arrives along with Hinder tomorrow at Western Playland! If you still have not gotten your ticket, I suggest you do! But as I promised my next top two songs I decided to choose for tonights countdown also both come from the album Extreme Behavior. The songs I went with tonight leading to my grand finale top two  are Lips of an Angel and Shoulda. For "Lips of an Angel" I chose this song mainly cause every chick/dude has gone through a situation like this once in their lifetime. When this song became a hit years ago, I clearly remember when they performed it at Club 101. The song was not only sang by the band but the fans screaming along while me and an ex best friend Janis kissed to that song! (*changed her name to protect her identity).  The next song I decided to go with was "Shoulda" that is a bit harder in the rock compared to the last  few songs I have chosen. This song basically in my opinion teaches a lesson in life, "shoulda woulda coulda". Enjoy another of my two choices from Hinder below that I hope to hear tomorrow at KLAQ  Bbq.

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