The guys in Hinder were set to play the Boise Music Festival this weekend, but that's off now.

The Hinder bus was cut off by some moron and the resulting accident sent them all to the ER.  Their injuries aren't life threatening but they are taking some time off to heal. They're expected to resume their tour August 10th.

Singer Austin Winkler wasn't involved in the wreck.  He recently left the band (temporarily) to enter a rehab center.  No word on when he will return but, in the meantime Jared Weeks from Saving Abel and Marshal Dutton from Drankmore (that's ironic...) are taking turns filling in for Austin.

I've had a lot of fun working with the Hinder boys over the years and I'm really glad they're not badly hurt.  Hopefully Austin rejoins them quickly and they come back to rock El Chuco again soon!