A sinkhole opened up in Northeast El Paso and a woman wound up driving her car into it headfirst up to the windshield.

A water main break in Northeast El Paso caused some flooding at the intersection of Dyer and Deer yesterday and caused a sinkhole to open up that, according to KTSM,  was about 9 feet wide and may have been as much as 8 feet deep. Just big enough to swallow about 1/3 of the poor woman's car.

The unidentified woman had driven around some cones sealing off the area, apparently mistaking them for a "guide lane" when they had actually been placed there to block the lane completely. She went into the sinkhole head first and her car sank in almost all the way to the windshield. You can see pictures of the accident here.

El Paso Water crews responded to an eight-inch water main break just after 7 a.m. on Tuesday at Deer and Dyer. Water pressure from the break pushed debris from under the pavement, creating a pocket and causing the pavement to crack. - KTSM

The water main has, I would guess, been repaired by now and the problem(s) solved but drivers in the area should still be cautious. Especially if you see any large puddles in the roadway. If you do spot any puddles or flooding ... anywhere at all, not just in the area in which this accident occurred ... please report them immediately to El Paso Water by calling (915) 594 - 5500.

That number works anytime, day or night, and can also be used for non-emergency matters as well.

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