The election is May 4th but, you can vote now.

Early voting started today and continues through April 30th, the election is May 4th. In addition to shorter lines, early voting also offers you a variety of places to cast your vote.

This special election will decide the future of Lost Dog Trailhead.  (View a sample ballot here.)  Many want Lost Dog preserved for recreational purposes and kept free of development. Park supporter Dr. Rick Bonart said:

“There’s so many reasons to vote yes. The open space value, the need for parks, the need for a place for kids to get out, the need for a places that people can go for free,” Bonart said. “There’s no cost of maintenance to the public and that so many people in our community appreciate and love this is it’s just something that needs to be preserved.” - KFOX 

What do you think?

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