The fact is, U.S. Border Patrol agent Jesus Mesa, Jr. shot and killed Sergio Hernandez Guereca along the dry Rio Grande river bed that separates the United States from Mexico on June 7, 2010. But it's the rest of the story that has everyone up in to speak.

Mesa probably wasn't aware Hernandez Guereca was only 15. He did know Hernandez Guereca and a compatriot were advancing on him and throwing rocks as Mesa attempted to arrest a third person.

A number of human rights groups, including the ACLU, are supporting a civil suit filed against Agent Mesa and the Border Patrol on behalf of Hernandez Guereca's parents, who maintain their son was only playing.

One side says it was a kid's game -- run across the border and touch the wall. The other side says it was more than a game -- run across the border to distract la migra and allow illegal aliens to cross.

Of course, what part of that game involves throwing rocks at an armed federal agent will be up for the court's interpretation, too. There is no explanation that we've heard from the family's side about why Hernandez Guereca was throwing rocks.

The other side says a rock is a dangerous weapon -- one square hit could've knocked Mesa unconscious and allow three young men who were allegedly known coyotes to have access to Mesa's gun.

What would've happened then?

This seems to best get to the point in showing the pertinent video, regardless of the politics behind it...

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