Nothing says the holiday season quite like.. Ranch dressing? I don't know about you but that's not the first thing that comes to my mind. If we're talking smells, first and foremost we're talking the smell of the Christmas tree. Of course, with a fake tree, you need use a candle of something similar to get that smell.

Well, apparently Hidden Valley Ranch wants to load you up with Ranch for the holidays. It's a stocking filled with 52 ounces of Ranch, or more likely it's just a Ranch package shaped like a stocking.

It goes along with Hidden Valley's 12 Days of Ranch-Mas, which includes a lot of different gifts. If you'd like to purchase the stocking (it goes for $35) or any of the Ranch-Mas items, you can find them by CLICKING HERE.

You know who would love that much Ranch?

Do you know who would hate that much Ranch? (BE WARNED, NSFW LANGUAGE)


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