Luckily, new parents can have some help through a non-profit organization in El Paso. There is a place every new parent who needs assistance with certain necessities for baby or mom can go to.

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If you're struggling financially since certain baby items cost quite a penny, HERPantry can help you out. The non-profit organization HERPantry helps families out by providing free diapers, wipes, infant formula, and menstrual products for women.

Having a place like that around in El Paso sure does help out the families who do struggle. HERPantry holds a distribution event every month sometimes twice a month if they're lucky by having enough donations to distribute.

There is help for parents who may need baby diapers, wipes, infant formula, and menstrual products for females. If you've played the parental role then you know exactly how much all of those necessities can add up.

But luckily, you can have some helpful assistance with items for baby and mom through HERPantry. So if you or someone you know needs any help send them to the distribution site HERPantry sets up.

Just make sure to pencil in some time this coming Tuesday, May 17, and stop by Holy Ghost Tabernacle 4727 Hondo Pass Ste. E. Should you need some supplies just make sure to have your Texas or New Mexico ID on hand when you arrive.

You can continuously check out HERPantry's Facebook page to know about future distribution events in El Paso. It sure helps out the new parents who are struggling financially and could use some necessities for baby and mom.

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