With the Coronavirus pandemic gripping the nation, there has been little for Americans to smile about. One thing that has been giving me joy is the watching the Cuomo brothers interact on television. Many are familiar with Chris Cuomo, through his reporting for CNN and his talk show on the network. While you may be familiar with the younger Cuomo and his accomplishments, his older brother Andrew has been in the national spotlight recently due to the COVID-19 outbreak in his state. As the Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo has been thrust into the national spotlight with many impressed with his emergency response to assist the medical community battling the virus. Andrew Cuomo has been conducting interviews regarding the outbreak and Chris Cuomo has been having him on as a regular guest on his show to discuss the virus.

This is where my love affair with the Cuomo brothers began. I always knew Chris as an intelligent and informative television host but his playful banter with his brother steals the show every night. The two obviously have a special relationship and the brotherly love is evident. While I enjoy seeing the two brothers crack jokes about each other on television, I would love to see what their mother has to say about the two. Their father was the late former New York Governor Mario Cuomo. Mario Cuomo held the office of New York Governor for three terms. Both men have spoke adoringly about their mother, the matriarch of the Cuomo clan, but the woman must be a saint. Judging from their behavior as adults, you can only imagine the two must have been a handful to raise. If anything, I'm just happy for the smile these two Italian stallions put on my face during a dark time. Thanks Cuomo brothers.

"RX: Early Detection A Cancer Journey With Sandra Lee" - 2018 Tribeca Film Festival
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