Everyone always complains about a new work week but watching these angry cats will help make it better. When Monday comes around we all start looking forward to the weekend and hope for a fast-paced day.

The Pet Collective will show you a compilation of cats acting like a bunch of cat-holes! Some cats sure can have an attitude problem but hey don't we all.. especially on Mondays. The only difference is we keep are claws and hissing to ourselves unlike these cats above! The best cat-hole hands down is a minute a half in the video that is a total savage. You should remember when this cat went viral for being a thug and knocking down a glass candle holder right in front of their owner. A rewarding feeling is when you finish your shift and get to see your furry little friends. You would think these cats wouldn't be so mean living every human's dream to sleep, eat, and get attention.  So take on your week like the cat-hole that just said screw it and broke a shot glass.

Hope your work week goes by fast enough so your weekend doesn't arrive fashionably late!

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