Remember being younger and fearing the evil pin headed man from the scary movies Hellraiser? Well looks like he is making a come back to bringing hell back to life.

For those who want to avoid any lovey dovey movies Hellraiser: Judgement will be released the day before Valentine's Day. This movie seems like it's going to be more graphic than the older ones and full of blood and gore. Just the dudes face was scary alone with all those silver pins sticking out from his head. It's a hole other hell when killings are going on in a city that finds two detectives falling deeper into a horror that is not of this world. I can put money on this movie that it will be terrifying since times have changed and technology. If you haven't already check out this sneak peak from Rapid Trailer of Hellraiser: Judgement above.

Hopefully this remake will scare us more than the old ones from 30 years ago!


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