If you listened to Hawthorne Heights from 2001 on, get ready to flashback to those days. The band Hawthorne Heights will be gracing us with their presence again later this year. The last time I was ever able to attend their show was the time Hawthorne Heights performed in Las Cruces, New Mexico along with many other bands.

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The show I attended years ago was when they played at Aggie Memorial Stadium in Las Cruces. Hawthorne Heights played along with Fall Out Boy, All American Rejects, and more on Tuesday, March 28, 2006, and it rocked. Although Hawthorne Heights is known for visiting El Paso, Texas often.

The band's been known as a regular group of visitors and will be making their way back, again. Hawthorne Heights is expected to make a return to El Paso on Thursday, September 23. Another band that will be tagging along that you can see will be The Bombpops.

The local bands are yet to still be announced at a later time. You can re-live your youth again by seeing Hawthorne Heights at Rockhouse Dive Bar and Kitchen Venue. You can purchase your tickets in advance at a cheaper rate of $20.

But the day of the show tickets will be $25 at the door. You can be able to purchase your Hawthorne Heights concert tickets by clicking here. Start planning and asking for the night off now if you work the evening or graveyard shift to make the show. So if you would like to re-live your youth with your kids or friends, check out Hawthorne Heights at Rockhouse Dive Bar and Kitchen Venue. Besides you know you're looking forward to scream-singing your heart out to "Nikki FM" and "Ohio Is For Lovers" that night.

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