Thanks to an Ohio man, Andrew Beattie's sweet idea could save Halloween for kids. Andrew Beattie is getting a lot of recognition nationwide for his candy chute. His creation means kids in El Paso can still enjoy trick-or-treating. Instead of thinking of himself first, he thought of how he could still pass out candy despite his own immune deficiency. Well, his brain skills are definitely on point for this brilliant idea to pass out candy while practicing social distancing. Andrew Beattie bought a 6' tube and spray painted it orange and twisted some black tape around it for decoration. His sweet idea that is known as the candy chute is a great way to pass out candy to kids on Halloween without being close. Andrew Beattie has a kid of his own and knows how this pandemic is affecting other kids Halloween spirit as well. Andrew Beattie wants everyone to make the best of these last few months of 2020 in a positive way.

You can see exactly how his candy chute works for trick-or-treaters in the video above. His candy chute is a touch-free way of trick-or-treating on Halloween. At the bottom of the candy chute, is a sign that tells you where to place your candy bag or bucket to catch the candy. Now, some El Pasoans may not have stairs or a stair handle to re-create Andrew Beattie's invention. But there are other ways to still pass out candy without a set of stairs on your front porch. If anything you can buy the same kind of tube and just hold it pointing down to aim the candy into the buckets.

Candy Chute

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