The old saying goes everything is bigger in Texas, but Ohio is trying to take that claim with...a colossal Easter egg hunt FAIL.

More specifically, Beavercreek, Ohio.

And it turns out, it happened at the very place I lived for about a year during my time in Ohio before moving to El Paso. You know what I'm talking about if you tuned into the Buzz Adams Morning Show.

It happened at a place called The Greene. It's just outside of downtown Dayton and it's a popular spot. It's an outdoor shopping center filled with all kinds of stores and restaurants in addition to a bunch of apartments. It even has a movie theater.

But what would make El Pasoans most jealous - it has a CHEESECAKE FACTORY.

I digress.

The place also has a big, open space in the middle where it frequently hosts live music and other events. So naturally, it seemed like a good idea to host an Easter egg hunt there.

But everything went horribly wrong. Texas-sized wrong.

The event was supposed to be staggered, allowing the youngest children to get a head start on the egg hunt followed by older age groups. Parents weren't supposed to pick up any eggs, according to a now-deleted post from management at The Greene.

But the chaos began as soon as the egg hunt started.

The post added that many adults were seen picking up eggs, and some adults even pushed children out of the way or knocked people over, leaving several children empty-handed.

You've heard of parents getting into it at their kids' sporting events, but it turns out you also don't want to mess with an Easter egg hunt.

According to the Dayton Daily News, The Greene Assistant Manager Jessica Baer said the shopping center will no longer be doing anymore Easter egg hunts:

Unfortunately, we had plenty of staff and the parents still didn't follow our instruction. We spent over an hour announcing 1 and 2-year-olds would go first in only the fountain area. There will be no plans to hunt eggs again.

Management even characterized the behavior of the adults in the original Facebook post as "absolutely unacceptable."

But that post is now gone. And so is the Beavercreek Easter egg hunt.

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