El Paso has many neighboring Texas cities ... there used to be another one.

El Paso is bordered by several other Texas cities, SocorroSan Elizario, Fabens, and Horizon are to the east while AnthonyCanutillo and Vinton are all in the Upper Valley. Back in the day, we had another neighbor on the far northeast edge of town.

Photo, Amazon
Photo, Amazon

Newman, Texas ... as far as I can tell ... was established in the late 1800's/early 1900's by a rancher named Henry L. Newman. His ranch covered a huge area around the spot where US-54 and State Line road meet, near the the Edge Of Texas Steakhouse and the Last Roundup Bar.

Like Anthony and Canutillo today, Newman straddled both sides of the Texas - New Mexico state line.  According to the Texas Almanac and the Texas State Historical Association, Newman got a post office in 1922 which remained in operation until 1971.

There were at least 2 businesses in Newman during the '30's and the town's population peaked at 60. The area was annexed by the city of El Paso in the 80's though the TSHA cites population figures from the year 2000.

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Like most of the El Paso area, there is "wild west" history in Newman. As tiny as it was, Newman managed to get a page in the history books as the place where two Mexican revolutionaries got popped.

In 1915, Victoriano Huerta and Pascual Orozco, Jr., were planning an invasion of Mexico. They never got that off the ground though as, when the two met at the train station in Newman, New Mexico, feds were waiting and both were arrested on the spot.

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