It seems that some people are starting to take Halloween decorations too seriously. After some controversial Halloween decorations caused outrage in Oklahoma, the British are now having their own problems with gruesome props.

James Creighton has created a haunted house in Stevenage, Britain that was inspired this year by the horror classic, Texas Chainsaw Massacre. For three years, he has created this haunted house to help raise funds for cancer research in memory of his grandmother but his neighbors don't care.

Cops forced Creighton to take down his front yard props after neighbors called in to complain about the decorations. Since his neighbors are so sensitive, he has cancelled his haunted maze but will still have the haunted house, according to the his official  Facebook.

Check out some pictures of Creighton's "Chainsaw Massacre on the Grove" and decide for yourself if he went to far with the decorations. I think Halloween is all about the gore so I am totally supportive. We need more creative people like this in El Paso!

Facebook/Chainsaw Massacre on Grove Road