I know many people who use these things. I myself as well as professional and "shade tree" mechanics alike.

Heads up mechanics, if you have any of these jack stands, you might want to crawl out from underneath that vehicle ... quickly! According to thedrive.com:

If you actually own one of these stands, you can bring them to your a Harbor Freight Tools location where they can be exchanged for a gift card equal to the "shelf price" of the stands in question. Whether or not you own a set of Harbor Freight jack stands (or even know what a jack stand is), consider spreading the news to somebody who you think might be using these. This may sound melodramatic, but it might just be the difference between life and death.

At least one comment I saw underneath the above referenced article said a Harbor Freight manager exchanged the bad jack stands for new ones. That doesn't mean all of them will but, it's probably worth asking. Otherwise, it appears you will get a store credit to use toward new jack stands or other merchandise.

For more info, click here. Harbor Freight is one of my favorite places ... ever and they recently donated ALL their gloves and masks to medical personnel. Pretty much all my tool, jacks, etc have come from Harbor Freight. As have my security lights and a ton of freebies like flashlights, magnetic bowls, and more. So, don't judge them over these stands ... s**t happens, you know? If you do have any of these stands though, please return and/or exchange them asap!

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