It is very hard to believe that Layne Staley of the band Alice In Chains would have turned 50 years old today. It is also hard to believe that one of my favorite singer's is no longer with us.

Layne was not only super talented he also captured the hearts of musicians and fans the world wide. His voice was authentic and when you heard Alice In Chains on the radio you knew exactly who was playing. The haunting and soulful melodies that made Alice In Chains who they were as a band will stand the test of time.

One of the most disappointing was learning 15 years ago how he had passed away. I never got to witness Alice In Chains when they were on the war path, playing countless shows and festivals.

Yes, Alice In Chains are still carrying the torch to rock, but it will never be the same. Having to deal with the demons that plagued his life it's too bad he never received the help he needed. So, Happy Birthday Layne, rest in peace my friend.



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