This is about an amazing guy.  Handicapped since birth, and in a wheelchair since he was very young, you would think learning to play the drums would be a long shot for him. Actually, he makes that part of life look easy!

Dean Zimmer loads his own gear, drives himself to gigs and unloads and sets up his kit by himself. (All right all you musician types, go ahead and start the "wish my drummer did that" jokes here.)

Once behind the kit ... the part that you would think to be the hardest? ... he's the master of his realm.  He and his band have opened for peeps like Eddie Money, Styx and Thin Lizzy.

He counts people like Gregg Bissonette (a total drumming bad azz!) among his friends.

He could be bitter, feel deprived, or have any kind of bad attitude at all but, no.  He's happy, friendly, patient ... and he's come closer to "livin' the dream" than most of us.

Take his attitude into 2014 with you and have a helluva year!!

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