This is a weird movie for me to review, because I like it, but I don't.


  • I find Tyler Mane as Michael Myers way more terrifying. It's a size thing, like Jason.
  • I have a big time crush on Danielle Harris (Annie Brackett) and Angela Trimbur (Harley David)
  • Malcolm McDowell plays a great version of Dr. Loomis. The opportunistic sleaze ball who takes full advantage of a horrible situation.


  • The ending, especially the white horse thing, is way too out there for me. I remember the first time watching this movie I was incredibly confused with what exactly was going on.

Overall, I do like this movie. I enjoy the fact it shows Laurie really struggling with who she is and the overall anxiety between her, Sheriff Brackett and Annie. But seriously, the ending is just way too weird and out there to actually recommend this movie to anyone.

Halloween 2 Analysis

  • Jump Factor — 5
  • Gross Out Factror — 6
  • Alcohol Pairing — Something about this movie screams Miller Lite