Mel Gibson may be working on a "Passion of the Christ" sequel, but Family Guy already him beat him to it. And I'd like to see their version of the film. This week we learned Mel Gibson is working on a sequel to 2004's "Pasion of the Christ." The movie starred Jim Caviezel and he told Breitbart that he's already seen the third draft of the sequel from Gibson and the film will be "the biggest in world history." The first movie will be hard to top, "Passion of the Christ" raked in $622 million worldwide so it's no surprise Gibson wants to make a second film. But come on Mel, there's already been a sequel to this movie. And we even saw the trailer.

Fox's "Family Guy" was canceled after three seasons but then was resurrected from the dead, much like Jesus. In the first episode of the fourth season, Peter steals  Mel Gibson's copy of "Passion of the Christ 2" to save the world from seeing the film. Thankfully for everyone watching the show, there was a trailer of the sequel in the episode. After watching the trailer from "Family Guy," I really don't know how Mel Gibson could top this. It's got action, comedy, but no word on the romance yet since he's too busy saving the world to bother with love. If this is what Mel Gibson's sequel is going to look like, I'll be sure to see it in theaters. I'll be even more impressed if he's able to get Chris Tucker out of whatever cave he's been hiding in to star in the film. That will be the most shocking resurrection of the entire film- Chris Tucker's career.

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