If you couldn't make it to the Guns N' Roses concert last night, you seriously missed out on a show of a lifetime! They not only sounded bad a** playing their own music, but also did a damn good job singing "Black Hole Sun" in tribute to Chris Cornell.

Not only was it a good show but I definitely ran into a lot of people I have not seen in forever! I really do believe everyone and their mother were at the Guns N' Roses concert along with myself and my plus one. As it got closer to the end of the show, they started the intro to "Black Hole Sun" which got everyone from the stands on their feet and screaming their lungs out. Guns N' Roses is for sure a loved band and how I know this, the traffic and crowd said it all last night. Also, please excuse our screaming in the background of the video.

Hopefully seeing a Guns N' Roses concert was on your bucket list because you would be insane to not care to see a legendary band!


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