Apparently college students aren't eating as much pizza as we thought.

GrubHub just released a new study they did showing what foods college students are most likely to order from their site. The answers might surprise you, especially how low pizza scored on the list. The number one ordered food by college students actually was frozen yogurt- apparently college kids don't want to scream for ice cream anymore.

The study only shows food that they can order through GrubHub, so it mostly holds those comfort foods that you have to order a lot of to get delivered, or are just too plain lazy to go and get for yourself. Number three on the list, Chicken Souvlaki Pita, may sound like its something difficult to find but this Mediterranean dish is served at restaurants right here in El Paso. Number four on the list, chocolate chip brownies, seems really specific and I wonder where all these college students are getting them from. If you know a place right here in El Paso, let me know! Or feel free to drop them off here at the KLAQ studios. Check out the Top Ten list above!