Sadly no, this isn't my dog in this video. My dog plays the bass.

Someone better let Keyboard Cat know there's a new pet in town ready to give him a run for his money! Meet the pug who plays drums. Anyone who knows me knows I am in love with my little pug Tubby, so this video melted my heart the first time I saw it shared in my pug group.

Yes, I do have a pug group and it's awesome. We are having a pool day this Saturday with our pooches, but that's another story.

The amazing part about this video is the way the owner got their pug to sit there and drum so well in the video. I can't even get Tubby to stop pooping in the house. I bow down to you Drummer Pug. You not only are extremely talented, you have an excellent taste in music.

Some internet jokers were quick to say this isn't a real pug, but actually Frank the pug from Men In Black. If it was, I'd at least feel better about not being able to train my own dog.